Live Review Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt on Newstalk Radio

Every week on NewsTalk Radio, Kieran Cuddihy from 

The Hard Shoulder and reporter Simon Tierney sample four different products for the Shopping Trolley Hotline. They can feature an array of product ranges, from chocolate to shampoo, and last week, they discussed SALT. 

To our surprise, Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt was sampled, along with Tesco Cooking Salt, LoSalt, and CapeHerb & Spice Himalayan Pink Salt. 

The winning salt, as judged by Cuddihy and Tierney, was our Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt. Their comments blew us away “It’s incredible – it smells of barbecue in the back garden,”

You can listen to the full segment, including their reviews of the other salts here: What’s the best salt to sprinkle on your chips?

And if you'd like to try for yourself, you can purchase Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt, on our products page. 

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