Achill Island Sea Salt Seaweed 50g


Achill Island Seaweed Salt is a mix of our pure white natural sea salt flakes (75%)  and Atlantic Wakame (Alaria esculenta) (25%) which is hand harvested by the Connemara Seaweed Company.

This unique fusion of sea salt and seaweed will give an exceptional umami flavour to any dish.  We love it sprinkled over roast potatoes or veg, over soups and salads or in baking, such as breads and savoury scones. It’s also great roasted with nuts and seeds for a little savoury snack.

Customer Reviews

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Janice B.

Absolutely love it. Was given as a gift from friends in Dublin. Use it everyday day. Not sure if I can buy it outside Ireland?

Isabel M.
Pure organic natural Irish product's

How to gift young adults who have all they need great gratitude for that
Who delight in only the best of everything
Love cooking have returned seeding to bloom this earth
Perfect balance technology groundedness 🌺
These products perfect selection from basic
Need of salt to delight of chocolate nougat cashew nuts and more
Bring best everyday natura Irish ingredient to out table salt in various versions with seaweed more
Us on the edge of such vast expanse of ocean tide brought to our tables picnics travel
Wee salt tins to bring about as we go
Introducing the product wherever we go
To be enjoying on the go
Advertises itself
Just did my first order for my son's birthday 8th September if he can resist till then
Will get his response to delight's of palette
Had a small problem with one item after I emailed them next day a generous arrived at my door thank you note in Irish
I cook from scratch love it as do my 3 son's loved one's
Well packed great presentation
Well done Achill Island Sea Salt
We All blessed Irish and All other's who live here best earth ocean culture communities 3
All the best thank you Izzy

Beth J.
Great product, incredible customer service.

We LOVE the seaweed salt. We enjoy it on every dish, and our guests always comment on the distinctive flavours! Delighted over and over again with the service, and with the range of products that achill island sea salt offers. We are returning customers and look forward to many more future orders! Great job guys! Deliciously done!

Cinaed O.C.
Excellent service

Very pleased with this business - excellent service and superb products, can't fault anything, thank you👍.

Best condiment

Very umami Delicious addition to any savoury dish

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