Achill Island Sea Salt is hand harvested from the waters that surround Achill Island, off the west coast of Ireland using a combination of moderns and traditional techniques. The Grade A wild Atlantic sea water is harvested at the north of Achill Island and is then put through a series of filters to remove any sand, seaweed or particles that may be present in the water.

Hand harvested irish sea salt


The sea water is then heated in a vacuum to allow for lower boiling temperatures. This leaves us with a concentrated salty brine solution. The brine is then pumped into a shallow crystallisation tank, where the sea salt crystals begin to form. 

achill island sea salt being made

The salt crystals will begin to join together to create beautiful white flakes. Taking our time at this stage allows us to create soft and flaky sea salt.

making achill island sea salt

We harvest these flakes by hand and place them on trays to be dried out. They are then ready to be packed by hand, ready for your table.