Achill Island Sea Salt at Food On The Edge

Action and Reaction, the theme for this year’s Food on the Edge (FOTE), which took place in Galway City on the 9th and 10th of October 2017. In its third year, the FOTE team wanted to acknowledge all that had been discussed at the previous symposiums and to bring about ‘change and action’ for the issues of the food system. Their food education agenda, for the department of education to implement a food education programme in Irish schools, to give students a better understanding of food, nutrition, culture and cooking is example of their endeavours to bring about change. Credit must be given to the FOTE team who worked endlessly to bring some of the top chefs and some of the most influential people in the food industry from both here in Ireland and all around the world, to the west of Ireland.

While the most influential food minds spoke about topical issues such as food waste and nutrition, some of the best food producers in Ireland were set up outside the Black Box theatre. Achill Island Sea Salt was delighted to be included amongst them to showcase our sea salt to the speakers and audience.  

A covered outdoor food village, created by La Rousse Foods set the stage for what Ireland has to offer; cheese, pork, potatoes, milk, fish, oysters, edible flowers to name a few. The event gave us the opportunity to talk about Achill Island Sea Salt and explain our process. The quality of produce and the ethos in which Irish food is produced today echoes the values of  FOTE, harnessing our natural resources to create fresh, local and sustainable food.

It was inspiring to see such huge numbers conjugate in one area to discuss the cultural, social, environmental and educational matters of food in today’s world.  Even more inspiring to see the huge amount of support and interest given by chefs and food enthusiasts to local producers. Initiatives like Food On The Edge are what is needed to change the culture of food to create a better global network and, to ultimately ensure a better a food system for the generations to come.

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