Great Taste Awards For Achill Island Sea Salt

We were delighted to be awarded two Great Taste awards at this year's Guild of Fine Food, a gold star for our Natural Achill Island Sea Salt and Seaweed Sea Salt. 

The Great Taste Awards are the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink and is recognised and trusted by consumers.

We were thrilled with the great feedback from the Great Taste Judges: 

Natural Achill Island Sea Salt Flakes 

"This beautiful pure white salt resembles snow flakes and is so delicate. The texture in the mouth is delightful - a real treat to crunch these delicate flakes. The flavour that is released is distinctly salty but there is a more complex flavour profile here. There is a sweetness that adds pleasing complexity."

"Wonderful looking salt, white and soft as snow. The flakes crumble satisfyingly between the fingers. Soft crunch in the mouth. There is quite an assertive salinity but it is a rounded flavour and has interest. A really natural flavour, we could be swimming in the sea and then licking the dried salt off our hands."

Achill Island Sea Salt with Atlantic Wakame

"This is a very attractive salt - lovely flakes of it amongst the olive green seaweed. It has pleasant ozone notes alongside the umami aroma. Not only does this look inviting, like shingle pebbles along the shoreline - it also tastes fabulous. As you pop it in your mouth, the clean salt notes dissolve and leave you with the vegetal, spinach like taste of the seaweed. There is chew to it, bite, and as it warms and rehydrates in your mouth it releases even more flavours of the sea. Very clever."

"Good looking salt with great ozone aroma...very appealing. Grains of snowy white salt sit amongst evenly sized wakame flakes in even proportions. The mineral notes blend really well with the unami savouriness of the salt and would certainly bring depth and liveliness to many savoury dishes. A very natural product that is well-conceived and well-made."



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